Q&A session with Royal Ballet School staff

Our expert dance teachers and pianists from both White Lodge and Upper School answer your questions and share their insights, from the qualities they look for in a dancer to the importance of artistry in ballet, to the role pianists play in a ballet class to the teachers’ own experiences of ballet training and the dance industry.


  • 1 Class
  • Suitable for all

Some of our much-loved and respected dance teachers and pianists, from both White Lodge and Upper School, answer your questions and give an insight into their world. Ballet teachers Belinda Hatley, Daria Klimentová, Zhan Atymtayev and Ricardo Cervera discuss the qualities they value most in a dancer, the importance of artistry and their own experiences of ballet training. Pianists Domenica Cardullo and Olga Mazour and share their thoughts on playing for ballet class and how they work with ballet teachers to support and inspire their students.

What you will learn

  • The qualities our ballet teachers value most in their dancers
  • What is artistry and why is it important
  • The range of dance disciplines studied at The Royal Ballet School
  • Our ballet teachers’ own training and why they pursued careers in dance
  • Our teachers’ favourite ballets and roles to dance
  • The challenges of playing the piano for ballet class
  • How pianists and ballet teachers can work together for best results
  • Who our artistic staff admire in the ballet world and why

Your Tutors


Zhan Atymtayev

Ballet Teacher

Daria Klimentová

Ballet Teacher

Ricardo Cervera

Ballet Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Our Q&A talks are suitable for students of any age or ability.

What do I need to participate?

You don’t need anything for this talk, but you may wish to make notes.

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