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We bring The Royal Ballet School’s world-class dancer training to you, wherever you are, whenever you choose.

We’ve developed a unique collection of classes and talks to inspire young dancers and supplement their training.

The classes give a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore and strengthen ballet technique under the guidance of expert Royal Ballet School teachers; to use artistry and musicality to enhance dance performance; and to gain a deeper understanding of the art of ballet, igniting students’ passion.

As well as an extensive collection of ballet, contemporary, character and Pilates classes for you to enjoy at home, we’ve included interviews and talks with our Artistic and Healthcare teams. These give priceless insights into what it’s like to train at the School and provide valuable advice and guidance for young dancers.

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Feedback from our students


What do I need to take part?

We have developed these classes with care to ensure they can be executed in a smaller space than a ballet studio. They are suitable to do at home, but we do ask that you make sure your dance space is safe and clear of any hazards. You should have room to fully extend your arms and legs and the floor should not be slippery or uneven. If you can’t fully execute an exercise, you should either adapt appropriately or not participate.

Who can take part?

Each of our physical classes are tailored to a particular age group, from aged 11 and up. We have included details of the recommended skill level for each class on the individual class pages.

These classes are not suitable for beginners and students should be studying a syllabus recognised by a classical dance awarding body. The classes will supplement, develop and strengthen the existing training each student is doing.

Our talks and interviews are suitable for ballet students and parents of any age and ability, or just those interested in ballet and the dance world.

There is no limit on the number of students who can take each class.

How much do the classes cost?

You can access our Video on Demand content for as little as £5 each for our talks and interviews with Royal Ballet School staff. Pilates and focus classes are priced at £10 each, and our ballet and contemporary classes are priced at £12 each. You will have lifetime access to your purchased class.

Who are the teachers?

Our classes are taught by Royal Ballet School teachers, both from White Lodge and Upper School. These include:

  • José Carayol, Artistic Manager, Foundation Programme, former professional dancer, ballet master, and former Head of Studio Company and Trainee Program at Joffrey Ballet
  • Ricardo Cervera, Ballet Teacher at Upper School, former First Soloist and Ballet Master with The Royal Ballet
  • Belinda Hatley, Artistic Manager, Development Programme, former First Soloist with The Royal Ballet
  • Valeri Hristov, Ballet Teacher at White Lodge, former First Soloist with The Royal Ballet
  • Daria Klimentova, Ballet Teacher at Upper School, formerly danced as Soloist at National Theatre Ballet Company in Prague and at English National Ballet
  • Liane McRae, Ballet and Scottish Teacher at White Lodge, formerly danced with London City Ballet, English National Ballet, Scottish Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet
  • Leire Ortueta, Pilates Teacher, formerly danced as Soloist at The Royal Ballet and with George Piper Dance (Ballet Boyz)
  • Kate Swainston, Character Teacher at White Lodge, former Soloist with the Johann Strauss Company.

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The Royal Ballet School On Demand platform can be viewed across modern web browsers.

Please make sure to check that the internet browser on your device can support streaming of video and you have the latest version.

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  • Google Chrome for OSX, Windows and Android 69+
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  • Microsoft Edge for Windows 10+

Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported as the browser has been superseded by the new Microsoft Edge browser which is the default browser on Windows 10.

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